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Armatures for the Dancing Doll Dream

The male nest dweller has strange dreams after the gem seed is planted by the masked woman. In these dreams he sees twelve dolls dancing. This doll and her sisters. The dreams grow more complex night after night and in them he travels over the sea and sees the dolls dancing on an island. As the food runs out and his mate is starving, he becomes so obsessed by the dreams that he leaves his family to search for the doll’s island.

Dream Doll Portrait

The first doll has been complete for a while. I made her to use in the animation demonstration that I did as part of my lecture at Portland Community College last spring. I am ready to make the rest of them now and have just finished the wire armatures.

So far, one doll is complete and the rest are in progress as you can see from the photo.

As you can see from the photo, I’ve got a little work left to do on the other eleven dolls. The next step is to put the magnets in their feet and glue the foam to the wire.