Inside the Nest


The puppet lounges under her crocheted blanket inside of the completed nest.

The red nests in the trees on the meadow set have been constructed to be seen from the outside only. I also plan to have intimate shots of the main characters inside of their nest so I created a new nest interior with an open side. Using the existing nests as a reference point I wove together sticks with wire to form the frame and splayed out the sides to help avoid seeing any edges in the shots. Next I covered the inside in air drying clay. This clay cracks when it dries, so I filled the cracks with spackle and then painted the nest red.


Reference photo of the existing nest in the meadow set.


The first step is to weave the foundation out of sticks and wire. Photo by Adam Hoffsette.


After the framework is woven with the wire and sticks, it is filled in with more sticks that are secured with hot glue. You also see the start of the clay layer in this photo. Photo by Adam Hoffsette.


A puppet in the completed nest with the green screen backdrop. Most shots will be completely inside of the nest. I have the green screen set up for the few that will show the meadow tree tops and other characters peering into the nest.


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