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Puppet Hand Demonstration


I hope you enjoy this demonstration of how I make my puppet hands. If you have any questions, please comment below. This hand belongs to my villain that is under construction and it is about and one and a quarter inches long.

The hand is made as part of the wire armature:


Using the wire hand as a pattern, the back of the hand is cut out of felt with enough width in the fingers to wrap around the wire:


I glue that to the wire skeleton starting with the back of the hand and then each finger.


To do the fingers I dip the finger wire into the glue gun nozzle to coat it with a thin layer of glue and then press the felt evenly on to the finger, making sure to get the tip nicely rounded:


Next, using my tiny scissors, I cut the front of the hand out of felt using the hand as a pattern.


The front of the hand ready to be attached:


I glue the palm first and then do each finger using a very thin layer of hot glue. To finish, I clean the tip of the glue gun and use it as an iron to make the finger look seamless and rounded and to melt any stray strands of hot glue into the felt:


Here is the finished hand photographed using my cutting mat as a scale reference:


One of the many good reasons to use hot glue for making the puppet hands is that if a finger wire breaks I can carefully melt the hot glue and peel open the seams to make repairs. I like to use felt because it looks like short fur and I can make the seams disappear.