Keeping up with Changing Technology

Starting a long term animation project in a world where technology is constantly changing has its challenges.  I shot Blood Tea and Red String in 16 mm film because, when I started, high quality video wasn’t readily available. I hope to get a new transfer of the film done in HD eventually. Seed in the Sand will benefit from the many technological advances that are so easily accessible now. The picture quality of my new Canon 7D is amazing! And I love using Dragonframe stop motion software. When I started out as an animator, I had never heard of any sort of video assistance to see how my movements were working and I didn’t even know how to anchor the character’s feet to the set!  I’ve learned so much since then. I don’t miss animating blind on my old Bolex at all.

I’ve been doing some reading about what resolutions are available for theatrical projection and what the likely direction of development will be. Right now, a few theaters are projecting in 4k but most are using 1080p.  While I am preparing my project in full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, I am maintaining my source files in full 5184 x 3456 resolution so that I will be able to release Seed in the Sand in 4K, with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 or greater if that becomes the standard in the future.

Digital video resolutions (VCD to 4K)

These are two of the helpful articles that I read:

This article got very techie!


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